For those unaware, there is a growing sport focused on video games.  The name of the new industry is electronic sports, or eSports, and it is potentially worth billions.  Currently the market sits at an estimated $600 million with a growing dedicated audience of 34 million, most of which in the 16 to 34 age demographic.  In 10 years, eSports may be one of the Top 3 sports in the world.

So how can small businesses make sure they are competitively positioned to take advantage of this growing market?  While current contests are advertising millions in cash prizes, small businesses can creatively promote their brand in a variety of ways.  Take a look at the Small Biz Trend Article for a few ideas;

One of the easiest ways to get your brand name out there and in front of potential customers at these blockbuster gaming events is to become a joint sponsor of a team, venue or individual within a regular league. Companies like SponsorOP help to connect brands with various affordable eSports sponsorship and collaborative opportunities.

Local bars, cafes, restaurants and movie theaters are already getting actively involved in an entirely different way. Rather than attempt to buy their way into world championship events, they are working to attract the sport’s grassroots fan base with regular tournaments, game nights or live streaming international league events on the big screen.