In a message to the world, UK businesses are taking action as a result of the Brexit vote.  In an effort to stabilize perceptions of the future of Britain, multiple business networks have partnered to advocate for legislation that will benefit the country.  These organizations include The Entrepreneurs Network, "Enterprise Nation (whose founder Emma Jones leads it), ICAEW, IPSE, Bright Ideas Trust, Global Entrepreneurship Week, NACUE, Social Enterprise UK, Coadec, CFE, National Enterprise Network, RSA & EISA.“  Together this Small Business Taskforce represents over 1 million businesses and hopes to promote the following initiatives:

  1.  Flexible workforce
  2. Workable tax regime
  3. Accessible business support
  4. International trade for all
  5. Consultation with small business

With continued support and partnership, these organizations hope to usher in a new era of UK legislation.  Post-Brexit negotiations will not take place for some time, but it is never too early to advocate for businesses.

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