Is the 2016 Presidential election the beginning of a 2nd Civil War?  Now before everyone shouts “Global Diversity News is promoting violence!!”, take heed that not all wars are violent (i.e. Cyber Wars).  In today’s America, a lot of fuss is being made over the candidacy of Donald Trump, and to be honest it should be.  Whatever your stance on the man is irrelevant, but what I do what to focus in on is the Donald Trump die hard supporters.  

In today’s national conversation a largely liberal stance is taken in terms of Political Correctness.  Before making a decision or statement, a person or company must consider the opinions of multiple segment groups including blacks, women, LGBT, veterans, disabled, religious, etc.  With an emphasis on diversity and the forcing of people to accept the future of America’s population, a large portion of our nation is being left out of the conversation, or at least that’s the way the segmented group feels.

I am talking about lower class uneducated whites.  Poor whites are the largest group in the United States today, yet no hugely publicized concerted effort is being made for their future.  Although certain college admission policies largely benefits them, such as students from poorer families receiving partial scholarships, employment policies are bare.

In the past, lower class whites could always fall back on the notion of the factory.  With factory jobs, comes security and a fair wage for a hard day’s work.  With the economy moving to a more tech / service base, many reliable well paying jobs are moving overseas.  As a writer who has seen facilities outside of America I can tell you this much.  NO MATTER WHAT ANY POLITICIAN TELLS YOU, THOSE JOBS ARE NOT COMING BACK.  We’ve simply entered an economy of efficiency where we can make quality products practically anywhere.

So tell me this?  What do you do when you’re a poor white person that doesn’t benefit from white privilege, in a nation moving towards growing segments like blacks and Latinos?  You cling to the one candidate who is against the promotion of the above ideas! And this is what led to the initial Civil War.  A new wave of thinking mixed with a portion of the country fearing the unknown.  

Alot of poor whites are asking themselves:  If America can run without the South’s votes (Civil War) or poor white votes (today), where do I fit in?

As a minority I will never completely understand this way of thinking.  It’s impossible for me as I’ve never been in a systematic position of power, however I do understand the feeling of helplessness in realizing you’re voice is in the minority.  When this happens you must focus less on the system and more on your individual capabilities and how to work around it.

In the coming decades everyone in the US will have to reevaluate where they fit in this country.  For a strong nation, we must cater to the growing populations, but we also cannot “leave” or ignore anyone based on sheer numbers.  There is no correct strategy to do this.  Minorities believe whites are doing better in America then they, and vise versa.  

We as a nation must understand that both sides are suffering and trying to figure out how to succeed in the future.  No one has a “leg up” on anyone at the moment.  Now is the time to figure out how to create a concerted effort to develop a plan for our great nation.  It is imperative now more than ever that both sides have reasonable conversations and expectations towards future growth.  A divide America right now will mean policies will be created benefiting only one side.

Compromise can no longer be a dirty word, it has to be the central focus in order to make the United States of America a powerhouse for the future.