The Top 14 is a concept involving the Top 14 Law Schools in America.  With 180 of the 200 accredited law schools citing that they can’t find a job for 80% of their graduates, getting into one of the Top 14 is extremely important. 

To attend one of the best schools you generally have to score a 165 or higher out of 180.  The biggest issue for potential students is the hardest section of the LSAT, aka Logic Games.  "Analytical Reasoning, or “Logic Games,” is a section that tests your ability to order and group information.“ It is the most difficult because it is rarely taught in undergrad.  The good news is that it is the most teachable portion of the LSAT.  The bad news is that it takes time and money to improve your understanding of it.

"The average LSAT in-person prep class costs $1,300.  Only 5 percent of students at elite law schools come from families that fall in the bottom half of the socioeconomic spectrum—a number that has hardly changed since the 1960s.”  In addition many students take months off of work simply to study and prepare fro the test.  For poor students, that simply isn’t an option.

“SAT tutor JY Ping founded PreProBono, a nonprofit that offers free LSAT prep and law-school counseling to low-income and minority students.”  According to Ping, “We give students involved in PreProBono the resources to prepare for the test, but they just don’t have time to study. They actually need to earn money and pay bills.”

With such a high cost of time and resources it is difficult for many people.  Luckily, things may be changing with the usage of the internet.  Like Khan Academy there are many free and low cost resources available online for studying students to take advantage.  Now students are able to watch short videos explaining the concept of things like Logic Games at their own convenience.

Hopefully these new resources will offer an opportunity for all students to attend top Law Schools.

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