The National Science Foundation (NSF) is probably doing more to promote diversity in STEM education then any other organization in America right now.  In keeping with its tradition of supporting diversity, the NSF has award Clemson a $3.4 million grant to increase “Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers.”

The imitative is nicknamed Tigers Advance and is looking to increase women and minorities in the field of STEM.   Tigers Advance focuses on five goals:

  1. Transform the culture and improve the campus climate to reduce bias and implicit bias against women and minority faculty;
  2. Increase the representation of women in STEM fields;
  3. Ensure equitable workload distributions so appointments to committees, special projects and other non-academic activities are assigned equally across the faculty;
  4. Enhance faculty mentoring and leadership development to support all faculty and increase retention; and
  5. Implement family-friendly policies to help improve recruitment and retention of world-class faculty.

Congratulations to the Clemson STEM initiative and another fantastic awarding by the NSF

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