Mattel reported great news during its earnings report with a growth in sales of its Barbie and
American Girl doll lines.  After losing the Disney Princess line, there were worries that a significant drop in revenue would follow.  Instead, Barbie’s sales numbers increase 16% in comparison to the same period last year.  The result is a product of a broadened Barbie doll line. “Not only are they multiracial, but Mattel added new Barbies that represent a wider range of women’s body shapes.”

Both Barbie and American Girl, (which increased by 14%), helped the company earn $236 million in total net income. In more good news, Mattel has revealed it will be “expanding its American Girl line into Toys ‘R’ Us and Kohl’s locations.”

This news a great indicator on the worth of expanding toy lines to include many types of body shapes. With the revenue proving the value of diversity in doll representation, this should help promote even more diversity in the near future.

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