Microsoft can talk better than humans, Google Ads will now allow you to receive texts and more from Gene Marks’ Small Business Tech News.

  1. Microsoft has created a speech recognition feather that can perform better than a professional transcriptionists. “Microsoft believes that it will have broad implications for consumer and business products that can be significantly augmented by speech recognition.”
  2. Facebook is on a mission to help small businesses. The social media giant has launched a new feature that will allow "restaurants to receive orders and service providers can accept appointments directly on their Facebook pages and have them land on Microsoft’s new Bookings app that will soon be included with Office 365.” The best thing about this new feature is…it’s free. This will allow small businesses to do more business with Facebook users.
  3. Google has made it possible for ad recipients  to send texts to advertisers. With Google’s new simple method, it will allow users “to quickly text their questions right from the ad will solve that problem and hopefully keep customers buying.”
  4. Are you interested in learning your ‘worth’? Recruiting service Glassdoor has now made it possible for employees find this out. “This tool will help your employees figure out if,” they are being compensated competitively. 
  5. TravelBank, “says they can predict what an employee should be spending on a business trip, help with the accounting and then give cash rewards if they come under budget.” This is a great app for small businesses because they can calculate travel expenses, and it helps those small business who can’t afford the expensive management apps.

-Ray Hayes