Business marketing has changed in recent years.   The success of local newspaper ads have been replaced by social media, blogging, and the IoT.  If your business isn’t taking advantage of these new mediums, your business will fail.  The positive of these new options is their easy access and cost effectiveness.  

Out the three promotion tools listed above, today we will take a look at blogging which can aid in getting “higher ranking on search engines and in gaining social visibility.”

William Johnson from Small Biz Trends online provides a list of five ways Blogging can be beneficial for your company: 

  1. Establishing Thought Leadership can impact a customer’s thought process when purchasing merchandise online and attracting efficient employees.
  2. Content Planning can “save cost and increase ROI (return on investment).”
  3. Blog Monetization can lead to financial benefits and expand your company’s network. “Making the site cluttered with ads is not a good idea, but paid promotion via in-text links (to a limited extent, of course) and giving favorable reviews to sponsors are great ways to monetize a site without putting banner ads on it.”
  4. How-to-guides, DIY (Do It Yourself), and tutorials can draw more people to your website and spark readers attention.
  5. Blogging can get you noticed by the big wigs. “Admins of third-party B2B blogs will be delighted to publish your posts, provided these posts are useful and offer new information. Then there are publishing platforms like Pulse.”

-Ray Hayes

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