The Goldman Sachs 10K small businesses program is an effort to educate and invest in 10,000 small businesses throughout the globe.  In Atlanta, 20 businesses have benefited from the world renown program, growing their business capabilities.  To date Goldman Sachs has reached an estimated 7,100 businesses and are looking to connect with even more.

In today’s economic landscape, only 23% of small businesses added new jobs in 2015.  In comparison,50% of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses graduates added new jobs in the same time frame.  In addition, within just six months of graduation, “68.7 percent of all alumni see revenue growth.”

Participants hail from a diverse set of industries and regions.  The program focuses entrepreneurs on the value of business processes and investment opportunities.  This information is then utilized to help expand organizations which in turns helps the economy.