For a small business looking to grow, onboarding a new employee is essential.  To do this, time and resources must be dedicated to effectively train a workers.  According to a report from Babson College “on Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses participants…small business owners who invest in training are more likely to report growing, and more likely to report growing more.”

In order to make sure that employee training is a benefit to the company, a few pieces of advice must be taken.  Below are 5 tips to make sure investment in training is put to good use, per Forbes:

  1. Community colleges are an affordable, flexible resource to provide training
  2. Apprenticeships provide a means of training as well as a potential career path.
  3. Training Partners
  4. Spend the time to decide upon an actual training plan
  5. Develop a means of assessing your training and adapting as needed.