LinkedIn is struggling with workforce diversity.  Black and Hispanic workers have increased to occupy 3% and 5% of the company’s workforce respectively, however last year the two ethnicities sat at 2% and 4% respectively.  This means both blacks and Hispanics have grown an average of 1% each.

“If they can’t or won’t get it right, then who will? LinkedIn has literally every worker’s bio." Y-Vonne Hutchinson, executive director at Oakland based diversity solutions firm ReadySet observed.  

And Hutchinson is correct.  With access to so many profiles and qualified applicants, how is LinkedIn struggling to meet diversity goals?

The tech industry’s diversity issues is nothing new, but pipeline is no longer the crux of the issue.  Employees will recruit and suggest friends and potential workers from familiar schools and networks.  Figuring out a way to open opportunities to more than just employee networks is hard, but necessary to expand workforce opportunities.  Otherwise no matter how many resumes you possess, workplace makeup will not change.