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Let’s talk about Robotics and gender diversity #robotics #gender #diversity

Robotics is the branch of technology that focuses on the design, creation and operation, of robots.  Robotics is unique in that it encompasses computer science, mechanical, and electrical engineering.  Like most sciences however, the robotics industry suffers from a lack of gender diversity.

This issue is crucial as robotics can be used to solve problems in many fields including medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, domestic/household, military, and more.  A female perspective is needed when creating solutions for all mentioned industries as they makeup a large portion of users.  Luckily, robotics is doing a much better job in connecting with future female employees than most STEM fields.   As stated by “Maja Matarić, Professor and Vice Dean at the University of Southern California, and Cynthia Breazeal, Co-Director at the Center for Future Storytelling”, fields such as Biomedicine and Robotics have an easier time recruiting females as they have a more direct impact on people’s lives.  

Being able to communicate the direct impact on lives is key to helping any engineering or science field grow with females.

For a short video of the two professors interview with the Wall Street Journal check out the link below:

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