Supporting small business is great for the American economy.  With small firms employing the majority of US citizens, more economic support is always welcome.  Companies like JP Morgan, Miller Beer, Fedex, Comcast and more are offering many funding opportunities for small organizations that need it.

But not all people are convinced that big businesses are supporting smaller firms out of the goodness of their hearts.  Gene Marks of Fox Business thinks that big firms are funding small business to help promote their brand and improve marketing.

To this I say…of course.

Business is a two way street.  Normally consumers do not purchase an item unless they are getting some perceived benefit from it.  In this case, big businesses are aiding small business because they believe their aid will help the economy and their organization in the long run.  And there’s nothing wrong with it.  

In this instance, the only person who believes people think businesses are giving “free” money away to organizations out of goodwill is Gene Marks.