This year, 13 million Latinos will be eligible to vote for President of the United States.  Despite the large amount of Latino voters, 65% of the population resides in 4 states (California, Texas, New York, and Florida).  These four states make up 151 Electorate points, a boon for a President needing 270 to win an election.

To no one’s surprise, the big winner of a large majority of Latino voters seems to be Hilary Clinton.  Despite this, the big issue differs between states.  While California Latino’s list Immigration as their biggest concern, Texas Latino worry most about Health care, New York focuses on wages, and Florida fears terrorism.

According to the Huffington Post some “scholars contend that Latinos are too diverse to be categorized under a single pan-ethnic label. Others argue that despite their diversity, Latinos are more alike than different politically.”  Both arguments seem to ring true despite most Mexican Americans leaning left while most Cuban Americans lean right (think Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio).  

Today the Latino vote will be analyzed and debated due to its growing importance.  At this point, most Latino’s seem to be left leaning however this may change as new issues present themselves.

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