Ernst & Young (EY) is committed to diversity and inclusion.  In an effort to grow that commitment, EY is giving $1 million “to William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business to expand diversity and inclusiveness efforts,”  The gift is a five year initiative aimed at four areas:

  1. Expanding current course offerings
  2. Faculty workshops
  3. New curriculum development
  4. An annual campus-wide diversity and inclusiveness symposium

EY and William & Mary are looking to add the diversity initiative into its core program for educating business students.  The goal is expanding its current diversity and inclusion programs and making sure students leave the school with a much better understanding of the two issues.

In short, the “funds will be used to reshape the Business 300 course and will be required for all incoming business students. The new course will be redesigned around diversity and inclusiveness case studies and will be considered one of the business school’s core classes along with marketing, accounting, finance and business analytics.”

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