Co-Founder of Pay-Pal, Peter Thiel, has brought a lot of “unwanted” attention to himself and his partners.  Companies like Facebook and Y Combinator have come under fire for maintaining their relationship with Thiel despite his past.

In 1996, Thiel co-wrote the book, The Diversity Myth: Mutilculturalism and Political Intolerance on Campus, with David Sacks. In it, Thiel discusses some of his beliefs including  questioning  victims of rape.  In the book, he writes “But since a multicultural rape charge may indicate nothing more than belated regret, a woman might ‘realize’ that she had been ‘raped’ the next day or even many days later. Under these circumstances, it is unclear who should be held responsible. If the alcohol made both of them do it, then why should the woman’s consent be obviated any more than the man’s? Why is all blame placed on the man?”

-Ray Hayes