A decade ago, (heck 5 years ago), the thought of a female led superhero film would have been madness.  Now, I understand we’ve had previous success stories such as Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, but to create a female heroine with powers rivaling Superman and Thor, and giving them their own title film would have been unheard of.  But with the success of oddball films such as Ant-Man, Suicide Squad, and Guardians of the Galaxy the idea of a woman led movie isn’t that crazy. 

Whether introducing Wonder Woman as a United Nations Ambassador or rumors of Captain Marvel becoming the new leader of the Avengers, female superheros are taking the leap into the global limelight.  

Wonder Woman is already known for her amazing strength, military intelligence and leadership capabilities, but did you know that Captain Marvel is just as fierce.  Originally Ms Marvel, the Captain Marvel character underwent a few changes in the past 5 years, eliminating a sexy battle outfit for a more practical one and was appointed the head of the Avengers.  In 2017 and 2019 we will begin to see a new rendition of the female superhero and I for one am more than ready.