“North Carolina is in the "best position” it’s ever been" Commerce Secretary John Skvarla stated after reports have estimated the state’s loss at $5 billion since the enacting of the HB2 bill.  

The latest company to pull out of the state is CoStar Group.  CoStar is a real estate analytics firm who planned on opening a new operation center in Charlotte, bringing over 700 jobs with it.  "The move would have reportedly meant a $250 million investment in the city (of Charlotte), but CoStar announced plans on Monday to move to Richmond, Va.,“

For those unaware, the HB2 bill is the legislation that mandates transgender people use public restrooms of their natural birth and not their gender identity.

In addition to CoStar, other corporations that have taken business from the state include, but are not limited to PayPal, Deutsche Bank, NCAA, ACC, NBA, Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr, Pearl Jam, and Stephen Schwartz — the man behind Wicked and Godspell.

But do not feel too bad for North Carolina.  As Skvarla said, "North Carolina is in the "best position” it’s ever been".