Gene Marks from Forbes magazine is back again with this week’s Small Business Tech News.

  1. Uber hit the ground running last week rolling out surge pricing for UberEats. The roll out  will be restricted to select cities where demand is high but delivery partners are limited. Small business owners should note that driverless vehicles are becoming reality and surge pricing is a “model initiative companies like Uber are using to maximize gross profits on every job and so should you.”
  2. Are you single, a professional, and searching for love?  Check out DineHero, the ‘Tinder’ for professionals.  If your company is looking for like-minded individuals, DineHero is a great outlet to set up a professional date and exchange ideas.
  3. Delta Air Lines’ Radio Frequency ID (RFID) will allow travelers to track checked baggage in real time. The RFID technology is a game changer for lost luggage issues and connecting flights. 
  4. Yelp has launched ReviewPush, allowing users to engage, monitor, analyze, trend and benchmark customer reviews faster and easier. The new tool also gives you the option to monitor your social media sites in one place.  For small businesses, this “tool will help you keep better track of your reviews so you can respond and resolve any issues quickly.”
  5. Giphy can integrate with social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Slack. If you would like to add a little humor to your customer emails you can now include “…funny, pithy, dumb and memorable GIFS” and Gene Marks guarantees your messages will get more traction.

-Ray Hayes