Intel Capital is the investment arm of Intel, providing opportunities for diverse startup founders.  The fund, which began as a $125 million investment for women and minority led organizations, is now expanding its reach to include LGBTQ, veterans, and people with disabilities.  "According to Intel, the fund led by Trina Van Pelt and Christine Herron is “the largest of its kind by a significant margin” and it provides access to the company’s business development programs and extensive technology expertise in addition to the capital itself.“

While my feelings are mixed on this announcement, I can’t help but feel good about the inclusion of veterans, LGBTQ members, and people with disabilities.  With that being said, I do wonder if the reason for this expansion is the funds inability to find minority and women entrepreneurs in the startup space.  There are rumors of Intel possibly investing more into the fund, but regardless, this is still a great opportunity for minority and women owned firms.