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Big Business supports LGBT rights #lgbt

As many of my readers are well aware, the LGBT movement, particularly in North Carolina, has gotten massive support from large corporations.  In an effort to combat the HB2 bill, banning transgender people from certain public bathrooms, companies have refused to do business in the state.  "The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce has put the estimated economic damage in the state’s key city of Charlotte at about $285 million, in addition to about 1,300 job losses. About 60 corporate investors managing a total of $2.1 trillion in assets, including public pension funds, foundations and asset management companies, sent a letter in late September demanding the bathroom bill be revised.“

The difference in today’s article is the source.   This information was provided by the Asia Nikkei and it seems the LGBT movement is now on an international stage along with the Presidential election.  According to the source, a big factor determining the success of the movement will be the President elect.  Although both claim to support LGBT rights, in researching the topic, as of now Hilary Clinton has a much more specific plan to support and advance LGBT rights than her counterpart Donald Trump.

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