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Chicago Cubs success has been a home run for Chicago small businesses #worldseries

Go, Cubs, Go! Whether the Chicago Cubs win or lose, the World Series has been a home run for local businesses. Team items including banners, jerseys, and coffee mugs are selling out as quickly as they arrive.  A local Chicago grocery store has even set up a ‘beer crown’ (a throne of beer cases crowned with the Wrigley Field scoreboard) to go along with baked cupcakes that look like baseballs with team logos.

With all the craze, money is flowing steadily throughout the local economy.  It has been reported by The Washington Post that, “The famed Cubby Bear lounge across the street from Wrigley Field is charging a $100 cover, while another neighborhood bar is charging $250 a person that includes drinks and all you can eat pizza and wings.” That seems to be a bargain considering ticket prices for the World Series game are a whopping $9,000.

Some companies have used the Cubs success to upgrade their business equipment, replacing projectors, and TV systems. The Chicago Cubs have created a marketing frenzy for the city.  If the Cubs can continue their success for years to come, the Chicago small business market will become even more lucrative.

-Ray Hayes

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