The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that highlights the connectivity of all things through the internet.  From taxes to buying a shirt in Timbuktu, all things have some form of connection to the internet.  This is both convenient and scary.

Due to the connectivity of everyone, security hacks are now inflicting more damage then ever before.  These internet hacks will only get worse as more people have access to the internet.  In figuring out new ways to prevent such large scale attacks, security and diversity are looking to go hand in hand.  "We want a fully integrated workforce that is inclusive of people with a diversity of thought and backgrounds"  Shamla Naidoo, IBM’s Chief Information Security Officer said.  This allows for better ideas to be shared and promoted.

Design is key to developing better security protocols as well.  For example every “day your Twitter account goes unhacked in a good day, and any day you are attacked by an unpoliced troll is not. Both of those experiences are the result of a series of design decisions.”  Accepting good design from combining a diversity of thought is a great solution to tomorrow’s problems.