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Will Obama enact legislation protecting LGBT businesses? #lgbt

As Barack Obama’s presidency comes to an end, many in the LGBT community are wondering if his final act will include new protection benefits for LGBT businesses.  Based on responses by the Press Secretary, Jonathan Lovitz, senior vice president for the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, believes some action will be taken before the end President Obama’s term. 

“There’s still time for this administration to level the playing field for LGBT business enterprises and ensure the equal seat at the table they deserve,” Lovitz said. “We’re proud to continue working closely with our friends at the White House; and we know they are doing everything they can to make this happen for the good of our economy and our community.”

The act would have to come through a Presidential executive action as Congress remains divided.  Even still, whatever the President decides to push through may become undone only months after he leaves, depending on the new administration.

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