Facebook has been caught in the middle of a contradiction.  Virid is a business that sales multiple products including Airsoft guns.  While trying to promote their latest Airsoft gun lineup, they were denied that ability by Facebook.  This makes sense as Facebook’s advertising policy denies any company the right to sell explosives, weapons, or ammunition.

So Virid replaced their advertising campaign, focusing on their backpack lineup.  Still their advertising was denied.  Facebook responded by saying their website sold Airsoft guns, which was the cause of the denial.  This does not make sense as other big name organizations like Walmart and Dicks Sporting Goods send customers to websites that also sell Airsoft guns.

Clint Cocagne, Director of Sales of ecommerce platform and service provider Virid has been reaching out to get an explanation as to why large corporations are getting preferable treatment.  Unfortunately he has yet to hear back.

Facebook cannot limit companies ability to advertise while awarding corporations with larger advertising budget a leg up.  This preferential treatment is exactly what Facebook has preached against for years.  Hopefully this issue can be resolved and small business won’t have to worry who’s side Facebook is really on.