A short, clever, on-point email could be one of the best ways to get your business noticed. With the people’s short attention span, simple and clever are business owners’ best options.

Steve Strauss from USA Today provides a list of ways to garner free publicity:

  1. Have a good story: People in the business world aren’t interested in how cool or great your business may be but are interested in hearing a good story.
  2. Craft a good email: Take the story from step 1 and condense it. Make a short, clever and intriguing email.
  3. Have a great subject line: The first thing you see in your email inbox is what? The subject!
  4. Make it personal:  Let the press know who you are, and what you hope to accomplish while “…pitching their story towards that. (And a little ego boosting doesn’t hurt)”
  5. Be prepared:  Have you ever seen the Lion King? Remember Scar and the song, Be Prepared, as he planned his way toward taking the crown? Well, lets be ready for anything like Scar was. If someone bites, have the info ready and if they don’t, follow up.

-Ray Hayes