Loren Feldman of Forbes Magazine updates readers on a few hot topics within the entrepreneur space.  Although I won’t go in depth of all options, I do want to highlight the three most interesting updates:

  1. According to the National Venture Capitalist Association, “seventy-eight percent of startup investment goes to three U.S. states.”  Ross Baird is looking to change that, by focusing on middle American cities like New Orleans, Louisville, and Richmond.  The goal of the 31 year old investor is to focus on companies looking to solve important needs such as water conservation, energy, and education.  Today, the roughly $18 million fund has nearly 70 companies in its portfolio.  Learn More HERE 
  2. Latino-owned businesses (LOBs) are the fastest growing segment in the United States.  "A recent study by Geoscape shows LOBs comprise 4.2 million small businesses, or roughly 12% of all U.S. small businesses. The same study shows these businesses have grown 2.5x faster than the general business population since 2012.“  Despite these numbers, LOBs are largely neglected by investment funds and banking institutions.  With 1 in 5 new businesses being started by Latinos, a seriously big opportunity is being missed.
  3.  Startup rates in the US are hitting historical lows.  According to the Census Bureau, "the share of private firms less than a year old has dropped from more than 12% during much of the 1980s to only about 8% since 2010. In 2014, the most recent year of data, the startup rate was the second-lowest on record, after 2010.”  If and when America can turn these numbers around is uncertain.  Surprisingly, America is still doing much better than most countries in terms of startup culture.  Small businesses need more support now, more than ever.

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