“According to 2015 data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are more than 560,000 homeless people in the United States.”  Justin Doering, founder of the non-profit Fifty Sandwiches is looking to document the lives and stories of this group to raise awareness on the issues they face.  His cross country trek will take him more than 13,000 miles and cover a diverse population with unique backgrounds.

“Though the ethnic breakdown of homeless people varies from region to region, a 2004 survey found that 49 percent were black, 35 percent were white, 13 percent were Hispanic, two percent were Native American, and one percent was Asian.”  Still this does not explain the reason behind such numbers.  When it comes to homelessness there are many factors involved including families “veterans, foster children, people suffering from mental illness, people addicted to drugs, disabled individuals” and even personal choice.

Homelessness is a hard problem to solve but hopefully with this new project it will bring us one step closer to the solution.