The Academy Awards have been controversial to say the least over the past few years.  Twitter #OscarsSoWhite have been an annual trend that many within the industry are hoping to avoid this year.  Jennifer Todd and Michael De Luca will produce the 2017 Award show and are currently deciding how the show will run.

Although undecided on the host, both have agreed to wanting a person who is quick witted and all about having a fun night (so no Chris Rock controversial topics it sounds like).  For this presentation, the producers want to help bring the country together and create a positive atmosphere post Presidential election.  The two admit that they have no control over who gets nominated, but with recent membership changes, things are looking up.

In closing, expect less controversy with a more positive environment.  Unless there is no diversity in the nominations….again….

“Oscar-nominated De Luca is former president of production for Sony Pictures and has credits on more than 60 films, including Fifty Shades of Grey and Boogie Nights. Emmy-nominated Todd is president of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s production company, Pearl Street Films.”