Historical elections seem to be in the foundation of America this past decade.  From electing the first black President of our nation, to selecting the first President with zero government experience, American citizens have recently gone against conventional wisdom when voting.

And now we have Donald Trump.  For those Americans who are not excited about a Trump presidency, I want to put things in perspective.

If you’re afraid of newly elected President Trump, don’t be. Donald Trump’s past actions have been deplorable I agree, but this election is about where we are as a nation.


The reality is America has always been divided. Did you truly think Clinton was the catalyst for change? From education to justice to employment, minorities and women know exactly where they stand in this country. In my eyes this election changes nothing in terms of underrepresented groups placement in America.

Instead, this Trump election should motivate you. If Trump can be elected President with so much working against him, imagine what you can do directing your heart and actions in a positive direction.

I am a conservative, true, but in that belief I hold true to the ideals that people can do more to organize and fix problems around them than the government. If you feel this election doesn’t represent you, then defy it. Create a community and better yourself. Do not rely on a government you feel doesn’t represent you but instead take action into your own hands and build your own wealth.

I won’t ask you to give President Trump a chance. For some of you the man has crossed a line he can never come back from. Instead I will ask that you do not lose your faith in America or yourself. America is changing. Whether you agree with the change taking place or not, know that this is only where America is today, and not necessarily where this nation will be tomorrow.

Donald Trump can’t make America great for you, only you can do that.