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Does Congress track diversity employment? #congress

Congress is a diverse group of people representing constituents from across the nation.  In addition, each congressional member is required to track and report their staffer ethnicity and gender information in an effort increase diversity representation within congressional offices.  Unfortunately, getting Congressional members to report their numbers is notoriously hard to do.

The I-Team of NBC Washington sought to track down these numbers but were unable to compile a full list.  Of the 29 Congressional offices they asked, only 7 sent diversity numbers back to the team.  Most declined while others didn’t bother to respond.

“There needs to be some method or a mechanism to keep track,” Terry Lovelace, urban media director for the Republican National Committee said. “This will be a way to help encourage offices to make these efforts to really diversify their staff and, I mean, help both parties out at the end of the day.“ 

Although there are plenty of committees and groups dedicated to the improvement of diversity, if congressional offices simply ignore them, there is nothing that can really be done.  Instead more pictures will end up like the one below.

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