In a historical election, President Trump won the Electoral College by a wide margin.  Despite Hilary Clinton winning the popular vote, Trump’s ability to connect with rural white America helped push him to victory.  Whether you believe Trump will be a good or bad President, it doesn’t negate many of the sexist and racist rhetoric the now President has said over the past few months.  

So the question becomes, does Trump’s message resonate with most Americans?

The answer (thankfully) seems to be no.

  1. The increasing racial and ethnic diversity of the US makes the country a better place to live, according to 58% of Americans surveyed by Pew Research.
  2. A majority of Americans (59%) say immigrants strengthen the US through their hard work and talents.  In addition many individuals think a path to citizenship should be offered for illegal immigrants.
  3. Same-sex marriage has the backing of 55% of Americans, versus 37% who oppose it. The number supporting same-sex-marriage has been steadily increasing since 2009.
  4. Like same-sex marriage, support for women’s ability to choose abortions has steadily risen.  Today, 56% of Americans surveyed by Pew Research support the legalization of abortion.
  5. There’s strong opposition to Obama’s Affordable Care Act, but 58% of those living in the US favor replacing it with a federally funded program that would provide all Americans with insurance.
  6. Even though the president-elect has called climate change a Chinese ploy to steal American jobs, 64% of those living in the US say they are fairly or greatly worried about global warming, compared to just 36% who are slightly or not at all concerned.

In the end, America is growing more diverse.  Although Donald Trump was able to win the presidency through murky tactics, that ability will not last very long.


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