Not only is Snapchat (now known as Snap) trying to go public but it is also selling Spectacles in your local vending machines. The social media giant says, “it plans to sell Spectacles, the video-capturing glasses it announced back in September, through Snapbots, which look like giant vending machines.” The first machine will be housed in the beautiful and sunny city of Venice Beach.

Similar to the technology the Snap app uses for face distorting, Spectacles will allow perspective customers to try on different colors before making a final purchase.  The glasses cost $129.99 and the company will announce where the vending machines will be placed 24 hours in advance on the Spectacles website (

So what does this news mean for small business? How can you incorporate your products in vending machines similar to Snap? Snap has introduced an intriguing new marketing skim that can be used by local business owners to introduce a new line of company products or market a new product. The funds it would take to launch a product like this would be costly, yet effective if done correctly. The buzz could be centered on your company if you could pull off such a massive feat.

-Ray Hayes

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