In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Deborah James, Secretary of the US Air Force explains her goals for the military branch, diversity, and how mentorship is essential to excelling in the workplace.  "Under her leadership, she is responsible for more than 660,000 active-duty Airmen and their families and oversight of the Air Force’s $139 billion plus annual budget.“

Since 1983, James has served the military in some capacity, from the executive and legislative branches of government to the private sector.  Since being appointed in 2013 by President Obama, James has made it a point to increase diversity in the Air Force.  According to the Secretary "While diversity typically refers to demographics like gender, race, and ethnicity, I am actually talking about much more. Diversity is also diversity of thought, which comes from different experiences in life, different backgrounds, and different educational perspectives. All of this wrapped up together, equals diversity.”

When discussing mentors, James promotes a more natural mentorship formation.  She suggests finding mentors who you admire and starting a conversation on your own.  Although it may lead to nothing more than a conversation, the effort to learn must be given to better your situation. 

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