Victor Lezama founded PC Landing Zone, an electronics repair shop that focuses on fixing computers, phones, and more (including pinball machines).  A 20 year military veteran, Lezama “spent 10 years in the Marines and 10 years as an Army helicopter pilot before transitioning to life as an entrepreneur.”

When starting his business, Lezama sought out the best way to market his company.  After looking at options, he settled on Facebook.  When it comes to marketing however, its all about resilience.  "Lezama’s first attempt at creating a Facebook ad campaign was a flop. He invested $550 into the service, using generic advertising settings and saw very little return for his efforts. On his second attempt, he invested only $20 and tailored his advertisement to a more specific demographic and region and saw business explode.“

For small businesses like Lezama, Facebook is an amazing tool that allows organizations to reach out to people they may otherwise not be able to.  Although he advertises in other avenues particularly to support his local community, Lezama is thankful for Facebook.  Because of it, his business is growing and he just launched his second store 30 miles from his first.

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