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Popular Companies Founded by Military Veterans #military #veterans

Starting a business is hard, but growing a business is even harder.  The challenge to develop a long lasting organization is not for everyone, but sometimes leads to an everlasting effect.

There are currently 3 million veteran-owned businesses in today’s landscape.  Many are mom and pop stores, but some are among the largest companies in the history of the world.  Below are some of the top companies you probably didn’t know were started by military veterans:

  1. Walmart: Sam Walton – Army Veteran
  2. FedEx:  Fred Smith – Marine Corps
  3. Sperry Shoes:  Paul A. Sperry – Navy Veteran
  4. RE/MAX:  Dave Liniger  –  Air Force
  5. GoDaddy:  Bob Parsons – Marine Corps
  6.  USAA – Army Officers
  7. WeWork:  Adam Neumann – Israeli Navy Veteran
  8. Kinder Morgan: Richard Kinder – Army Veteran
  9. Taboola: Adam Singolda – Israeli Army veteran

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