What’s new in small business tech news? Gene Marks from Forbes.com gives us an update on the exciting news from the past week.

  1. Facebook is becoming alot more business friendly. The company recently announced a new feature that will allow companies to post open positions to their Facebook business page.  Once an application is completed users will receive the document through Facebook Messenger. There are tons of business that use Facebook and this feature will work wonders for job seekers and employers alike.
  2. Apple ‘s Siri and PayPal have come together to make paying bills simple. Soon, paying your invoice will be as easy as saying the words “Pay my light bill." 
  3. Is your company’s website smartphone friendly? If not, Google may punish you.  In the near future, Google will be punishing companies who do not conform to smartphone display. “Make sure your site is mobile-optimized and properly displayed on smartphones or,” you will suffer the consequences in revenue.
  4. You no longer need a LinkedIn account representative to send InMail messages or sponsored direct messages on the company’s campaign manager.  For now, if you want a sponsored message, you can perform the task yourself.
  5. The popular message platform, Viber, has developed a way for users to connect with each other. “If you’re a Viber user, you can connect to the database with your customer relationship management system and initiate live chats with humans or chatbots.”

-Ray Hayes