Every President reflects the hopes (and fears) of a nation.  Pushed by a cultural narrative, each President elect is able to communicate values and standards many Americans have at the time of the election.  Whatever side you have taken on our future President, we can all agree that if Donald Trump is indeed America’s mirror, then there are a few things we need to fix about ourselves.

But this is who we are as Americans.  Not just on the right, but the left as well.  We are fearful of the future and upset that jobs are not as plentiful as we were promised.  Any policy not benefiting us, in today’s internet economy, should be shut down and gotten rid of.  The segmentation of America is great for analysis but has created a divisionist mindset.  It’s hard to develop solutions for a nation that prefers to talk rather than listen.  Everyone wants a show and made to feel important, and that is the crux of the American experience right now. 

And that is why Donald Trump will be our next President.  Social media matters.  Entertainment matters.  Experience does not.  Take the last 3 elections in America.  Each time the Presidential candidate with the least experience has won.  Charisma, change, and a promise that your hashtags will get you more views are the driving force behind the Presidency.  

Will Trump be the greatest President America has ever seen?  We can only hope.  And I mean that.  Whether good or bad, we honestly have no clue if Trump is qualified for the office of Presidency, but we will find out.  But regardless, this is the state of American politics.  The more attention you bring to yourself the better, whether positive or negative is inconsequential.  

But that is where we are as Americans.  Donald Trump is our nation’s mirror, and Donald Trump is the President we deserve.