If I’m being completely honest, I must admit that today’s political correctness has been overbearing.  Instead of having the ability to convey your exact emotions, we as humans are constantly forced to “lighten” feedback or comments and consider a person’s feelings.  Don’t get me wrong, I support being respectful, but in alot of cases, it has become uncomfortable for people to give their true feelings on controversial topics such as diversity, homosexuality and women’s place in society.  With Brexit and Trump, citizens were free to be honest and tell the world exactly how they feel about the direction of the world.

Although statements have been made in both votes, corporations and government organizations have doubled down on their support on controversial topics.  These statements were heard loud and clear, and despite things moving forward, a majority who felt marginalized are now able to speak their minds.  That’s good as everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.  With these recent votes, hopefully now both sides can start having honest conversations about where we are as a global society and how we can move forward.

These votes have brought hidden opinions to the light and now we can discuss them freely.