As Donald Trump decides his Cabinet for the start of 2017, some are worried it will not reflect America’s ethnic population.  "CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota asked Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor at The Federalist, if she would be concerned with an all-male or all-white cabinet. While Hemingway did not say this would bother her, she did call for more diversity in the media.“

Blaming the media for its inability to accurately predict the Presidential elections, Hemingway called for more diversity in political views and less liberal philosophy.  

As a conservative, I must agree with Hemingway on this.  Far to often far left views are promoted as solutions to every problem.  More diverse views are necessary to paint a better picture of America.  With that being said, Hemingway is also ignoring a possible future that will not represent America’s populous.  Although we won’t know if President Trump will be a benefit to minorities and women, based on early predictions, Trump’s Cabinet will be a "good old boys” network.  

As of this article, Ben Carson, one of the few people of color in Trump’s circle has turned down a government appointment.