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Inkwell Group is looking to change the face of Private Equity #privateequity

Two former bankers are looking to change the face of Private Equity for middle markets corporations.  Chijioke Asomugha and Marques Martin have partnered to start The Inkwell Group, a private equity firm looking “to enhance lower middle-market companies through the addition of diverse executive and boardroom leadership. The firm’s investments will target businesses within the healthcare, financial services, industrial manufacturing, and tech, media and telecom industries.”

In focusing on lower middle market organizations, The Inkwell Group expects to work with companies generating up to $10 EBITDA.  The team is looking to invest between $3 to $30 million in equity.  According to Aomugha, “Small businesses rarely have complete management teams and tend to seek support within their existing network, resulting in group think that runs contrary to igniting innovation. Our approach directly addresses this obstacle to growth.”

Adding diversity to boardrooms just may be the answer.  According to the 2015 McKinsey Report on diversity, companies "found in the top quartile for gender and ethnic diversity are are 15 percent and 35 percent, respectively, more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians.”

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