Small business Saturday highlights the importance of the American small business community. On November 26th, Small Business Saturday will take place focusing on those organizations with under 500 employees.

While some businesses may already be marketing their organizations, a large target market all companies should consider is the Millennial market. According to Small Biz Trends, “Millennials aged 25 to 34 make up the single largest segiment of Small Business Saturday shoppers (24.9 percent, to be exact.)  

Rieva Lesonsky’s gives a five step plan focusing on how to attract Millennials to your store:

  1. Make Sure You Start Right NOW!: Small Business Saturday shoppers not only #ShopSmall on Saturday but more than half of those shoppers #ShopSmall on Black Friday. Shoppers may be tapped out from all that shopping on Friday so make sure you create a marketing plan now. Get the shoppers excited and ready for the big day… RIGHT NOW!
  2. Make It Mobile: Millennials absolutely love social media, and smartphones. So, make sure your marketing plan is mobile friendly. Make sure your business emails are mobile friendly, make use of Apps or text message marketing, and create events/pages on Facebook to market your sales during Small Business Saturday
  3. Review your business website and local search presence: Make sure that your business is listed on sites like Google Maps, Yelp and etc. Store hours, address, and phone numbers should be included. Customers should know which businesses are in there area and hours of operation. The more they know, the better for you.
  4. Be Social: “Getting attention with organic Facebook posts has become more difficult, but Facebook advertising is quite affordable and effective.” You can setup an ad campaign and target a select group of customers based on age and area. Attack them where they are vulnerable. Millennials can’t stay off their phones and Facebook so you must use that to your advantage.
  5. Send the right Message: Your message makes your store unique and tells your story so make sure your marketing message stands out from “big box retailers.” “Entice them to your store with gifts that they’ll be proud to give.” “Message,” in the word of Keenen Ivory Wayans.

-Ray Hayes