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EA CEO talks diversity in the gaming industry #ea #videogames

In an interview with The Verge, Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson pledged to continue bringing diversity to the gaming world.  To EA’s CEO, “Representation is really important.“ 

Video game players (or gamers), are very similar to the early 1990’s in terms of ethnic makeup.  For gender, it is different as an estimated 50 percent of gamers today are women. The culture has evolved and the gaming industry is slowly embracing the change. Wilson admits that diversity still has to be improved upon within video games but he plans to help.

Let’s be clear, EA has not mandated the need for creators to push diversity in their games.  According to Wilson, “It’s really just the creators inside of our organization saying, ‘Hey, I’m looking at who’s playing our games. We know that they want to look into the games that we make and see people like them so that they can better relate to those games. We want to capture that.”

For EA’s CEO, if you are going to make games for a community then the games must truly represent that community.  

It’s always good to hear from a CEO that understands the value diversity.

-Ray Hayes

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