USA Today estimates consumers will spend $655 billion in November and December.  With Holiday deals such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday forth coming, Rhonda Adams gives 9 ways “to increase small-business holiday sales”:

  1. Market your brand today
  2. Create pre-wrapped bundles for potential consumers including multiple items and increasing revenue
  3. Leverage Small Business Saturday coming up on November 26th
  4. Plan fun events or an Open House in your store
  5. Connect with potential clients by going to parties and open events
  6. Boost social media posts to gain new followers and potential customers
  7. Now’s the time to send “Thank You” letters to past and potential customers.  Also giving donations is a good way to connect with people
  8. Make sure you’re being listed on search engine sites like Google.  Don’t be afraid to pay extra, it will be worth it.
  9. Turn holiday customers into year round consumers.  Ask for emails or other contact information to follow up in 2017.