I recently read an article stating that under Donald Trump’s Presidency, the nation will look alot like North Carolina, i.e. the economy will improve, but controversial / discriminatory bills will be norm.  Why I cannot say I believe it, it is interesting when you consider the possibilities.

 In the latest Forbes “Best States for Business” list, North Carolina came in 2nd for the second consecutive year, trailing Utah for the top spot.  In an interesting admission, Forbes “estimated that HB2 cost the state $630 million worth of economic activity” but left it’s overall rating as is citing “the $2.7 billion in foreign direct investment that the state attracted last year,” fueling high-tech growth.  In addition, because of it small union representation, business costs are extreme low for large corporations considering states to open locations.  In the six categories Forbes ranks each state, North Carolina finished in the follow places:

  1. Regulatory Environment:  7th
  2. Business Cost:  4th
  3. Labor Supply: 12th
  4. Economic Climate: 22nd
  5. Growth Prospects: 9th
  6. Quality of Life:  13th