LinkedIn is searching for new ways to increase hiring opportunities for minority groups.  "According to the company’s 2016 diversity report, 3 percent of its employees are black and 5 percent are Latino.“  In an effort to improve on these numbers, LinkedIn is changing its recruiting strategy to target minority communities.  To take a look at their specific strategy, read the plan below:

"In 2016, LinkedIn only attended five traditional campus recruitment events, compared to 30 the prior year. The move upped LinkedIn’s hiring of people with underrepresented backgrounds in its non-technical teams by 23 percent. The regional events that replaced college recruiting generally bring together students from a variety of schools including online degree programs, historically black colleges and universities and junior colleges. A recent recruitment event in Atlanta included candidates from 15 schools.”

This new plan, LinkedIn hopes, will expand their workplace diversity and offer new and exciting opportunities for those involved.

Finally!  This is the message I have been preaching for months!  If a corporation is truly committed to diversifying its employee base (and not just race or gender wise, but thought as well), the company has an obligation to reach out to schools outside the California and New York areas.  Connecting with schools from the midwest, south, and middle-America, organizations like LinkedIn will diversify and expand its diversity.

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