Over 50 years ago, the government was forcing corporations to open up their hiring practices and employ more women and minority candidates.  Now, in 2016, with a Presidential administration showing mixed signs , companies have stepped up to reassure the public of their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

According to a recent Slate article, the reason for this relates to corporations adhering to a global standard.  "S&P 500 companies earn about half of their revenue from abroad. And for the very largest companies—Intel, Microsoft, McDonald’s—the number is closer to 70 or 80 percent.“  With so much revenue invested in a global brand, policies such as climate change will always be respected in order to keep a company competitive.  

In addition, backing policies against diversity are not sustainable in today’s market.  With millennials moving into the workforce, "only about 25 percent of millennials are white males…If you don’t understand how to recruit Hispanics, black Americans, Asian Americans, and LGBTQ people, if you can’t develop a way to talk to them—instead of at them—you will have a hard time filling your ranks and maintaining market share.”

In Slate’s words, “An overt homophobe like Mike Pence can become vice president in 2016. An overt homophobe can’t become a vice president at Apple or Salesforce.com in 2016.”

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