The US Department of Education recently released its Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education report, covering opportunities for under represented students at American colleges and universities.  

“I applaud the commitments to creating diverse campus communities that so many colleges and universities have long sought to implement by attracting, admitting, and educating diverse students. But we must acknowledge that we have more work left to ensure that our campuses are safe, inclusive, and supportive environments that encourage student success and college completion for students from all backgrounds,” Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. said.

Within the report three key issues were found in the current education process:

  1. Higher education aids in social mobility
  2. Over the past 50 years, gaps in education has lead to gaps in wealth in regards to people of color.
  3. Minorities are disproportionately affect to decreases in multiple educational areas including "application, admission, enrollment, persistence, and completion.”

In response, five solutions have been offered to help increase the representation of people of color in higher education institutions:

  1. Institutional Commitment to Promoting Student Body Diversity and Inclusion on Campus
  2. Diversity Across All Levels of an Institution
  3. Outreach and Recruitment of Prospective Students
  4. Support Structures for Students
  5. Inclusive Campus Climate

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