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More veterans are interested in mentoring civilians in the workplace #veterans

According to a recent report from America’s Heroes at Work: The Veteran Hiring Report, “93 percent of veterans are willing to serve as a mentor to a civilian employee.” The report also revealed that the typical military veteran can be considered an ideal’ employee based on his or her skill set, which include problem solving, strong work ethic, adaptability, and working well in a team environment.

Although their skill set may be ideal, they still struggle with obtaining well paying jobs.  Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer at iCIMS, provided a much needed explanation for this. “Our servicemen and women, who have received some of the most sophisticated training and experience and have made extreme sacrifices for our country, are having trouble gaining job security, stability, and a sense of purpose as civilian workers. By gaining more awareness of the top skills veterans hold, employers will be more equipped to tap into this talent and create mutually beneficial relationships with candidates who have served.”

With their leadership skills and experiences Veterans can be great mentors for employees. Veterans could possibly help, train and develop small business employees while growing the full potential of your business.

-Ray Hayes

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