Gene Marks from Forbes magazine explains this week in Small Business Tech News: Let’s take a look:

  1. This past week, Microsoft launched its Outlook Customer Manager tool which “enable teams at smaller companies to manage customer interactions, notes, activities and emails all through Outlook.” Outlook Customer Manager is similar to Microsoft’s Dynamics but caters to small businesses.
  2. For Christmas, if you’re hoping Mark Zuckerberg connects Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, then you’re in luck.  Facebook recently announced its users “can manage messages and comments on all three platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Messenger – from one page.” Small business owners will welcome this with open arms as now, companies can use one platform to communicate on all three.
  3. Goodshop launched the first shopfunding website, Goodshop Give. The “new service will allow its customers to leverage their holiday purchase as a way to raise money for a cause they care about.” This is a great way for small business owners to sell products while allowing customers to donate to charities.
  4. CanPay is one of a kind. If you live in the state of Washington, Colorado or Oregon and are a medical marijuana user/retailer, CanPay allows you to pay for marijuana using a debit card QR code. With the marijuana industry steadily growing, ” CanPay will make it easier for your customers (and less expensive because they’re avoiding ATM fees) to buy your products if you’re in the marijuana business.“
  5. SuitX plans to prevent injuries in the workplace with the help of MAX (modular agile exoskeleton). The company "will provide braces for an employee’s back, legs and shoulders using steel and aluminum supports to redistribute load from the user’s muscles and joints, reducing injury and increasing comfort.” If you happen to own a warehouse or factory and your employees are consistently injuring their backs or legs then this new design can help reduce worker’s compensation claims.

-Ray Hayes